Vapex’s Radical Odor Control Technology is a vapor phase treatment that treats odors, remediates surface fats, oils, and grease and mitigates microbial induced corrosion.

The Vapex odor control system with its patented air atomizing three-fluid nozzles enhance the Advanced Oxidation Process by creating hydroxyl radicals (•OH), the most potent oxidant used in odor treatment.

Vapex combines ozone, water and air to create a hydroxyl radical fog that is efficiently dispersed throughout enclosed or partially enclosed spaces, such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks, diversion boxes, and headwork areas.

Vapex odor control systems treat offensive odors in place greatly reducing energy consumption costs. Vapex units have a small footprint, require minimal water and electricity, and are extremely quiet.

Reliant Water Technologies’ Wet Well Wizard is a cost effective and reliable answer to odor and collection of FOG (fats, oils and grease).

The Wet Well Wizard is a unique patent pending aeration tube that is placed into the center of the wet well to aggressively agitate and mix the wet well water. This constant agitation with highly forced air provides oxygen to the water which activates the growth of aerobic microbes in the wastewater that digest the organic wastes in the water. The continuous microbial activity, combined with consistent aggressive agitation not only eliminates the odor but also emulsifies all FOG and will not allow for it to collect and build in the wells.

With a Wet Well Wizard in every pump lift station in the wastewater collection system, the water within that system becomes “pre-treated” for the wastewater plant that will be receiving it. This will reduce plant costs in aeration electricity, a reduction in organic solids, and an overall improvement in water quality leaving the plant.