Environmentally friendly

• The EMC filter reduces electromagnetic noise generated by the inverter. (Embedded in the FR-A800 and F800 series inverters.)

• AC and DC reactors can be connected to suppress the harmonic current to the power supply and to improve the power factor.

• The inverters are compliant with the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) directive of EU and friendly to people and to the environment.

Drive performance

• The inverters provide powerful and consistent driving.

• The inverters can drive more highly efficient IPM motors (magnet motors) as well as induction motors. The inverters provide the solution to your further energy saving needs. (FR-A800, F800, and F700PJ series) The highly accurate PM sensorless vector control of the FR-A800 series achieves productivity improvement and energy saving at the same time.

Long-life and easy maintenance

• Long-life cooling fan (1) and long-life capacitor(1)(2) are incorporated (design life: 10 years)
1: Surrounding air temperature: 40˚C on yearly average (free from corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, dust and dirt).
2: Output current: 80% of the inverter rated current.

• Degradation degrees of the main circuit capacitor, control circuit capacitor, and inrush current limit resistor can be monitored. The inverter self diagnoses the degradation degree and outputs a warning, allowing trouble to be prevented.

• Upgrading to the succeeding models is easy with the adoption of a removable control circuit terminal block. (FR-A800, F800, and E700 series)

• Cooling fan replacement is performed in simple steps. Maintenance of the inverter is easy.


• An operation panel is mounted as standard on all models.

• The Mitsubishi's setting dial is used.

• Use FR Configurator or FR Configurator2 to facilitate operations from start-up to maintenance.